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LesiTrad -

Specialized in technical and scientific translations

German - French et English

Lesieur Traduction EIRL

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Translation   made in France

LesiTrad is specialized in technical and scientific quality translation. The translator has been working for 25 years in technical projects involving scientific areas like chemistry, physics, or data processing, information technology or domestic computing.

Fast reply and high quality = Return of translated document within three days per mail (If number of pages not too high).

According to numerous sources, you can only get a good translation if you can combine several criteria, with mainly are:

- The translators native language.

- The knowledge of the domain to be translated

That's why, as a concern of high quality translations, we mainly take orders in following languages:

- German   =>  French

Of course, we also take orders offering good quality translations in other translation directions:

- English   =>  French

- French    =>  German

- French    =>  English

- German    =>  English

The translator is trilingual with English, having both German and French as native mother tongue. He lived twenty years in Germany before moving to France where he's now living and working. This leads to a perfect understanding of even finest differences in these languages, and therefore a better translation. The best quality obviously obtained from German to French.

For more information, or for a quotation: Please contact us.

(Note: A few years ago, a simple "joke" or "play on words" about "father tongue" instead of "mother tongue" started a huge discussion among translators about the meaning of "father tongue". No one has ever tried to contact Me to get the answer. See discussion here. That's where you see how important it is for a translator to really communicate with his client. Of course, we will try to do it!)