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The mostly used calculation method is based on a fixed amount for each word in the document, the final rate depending on the number of words to translate. This amount can vary depending on the quality you need for the final document. It can be a translation for information only, or a document to be published on glossy paper... Besides, each language has its own aspects, with more or less complex or long words. Especially German has few but very long words.

Arbeiterunfallversicherungsgesetz which can be considered as a "law about injury insurance for working staff" only needs one single word in German, but much more in other languages. The translation rates are commonly higher for translations from German to other languages the from these languages into German.

Another pricing method uses standard pages, lines or characters. A page containing a standardized number of lines, which in return consist of exactly 65 characters. This method is rather independent from the complexity of the translated language.

To have an rough idea of the translation rate, we estimate a standard quality translation with a base of 15ct/word.

The number of words can easily be obtained in word using the "statistics" tab in the "file" / "properties" menu.

The actual rate can be negotiated depending on the size and number of documents, the expertise of the domain, the complexity of the document and the final quality wanted.

For more information, or for a quotation: Please contact us.





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