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Translation   made in France

The quality of a translation depends on various criteria, like the nationality of the translator, his mother tongue (or tongues), his activity domains and other professional knowledge, and his conscientiousness. See also here.

That is why we privilege the translation from German to French, but all other translations are also accepted.

On behalf of our professional skills and competences, we are especially experts in following areas:

- All technical or consumer domains

- Engineering in general

- Computer science and new technology

- Quality, ISO standards, Sustainable development, pollution

- General, organic and mineral chemistry

- Glass industry

Translation standards allow quality levels from "for information only" to "ready to publish". The resulting translation depends on the customers demand, the translators life experience and the time dedicated.

The main translator is perfectly bilingual since childhood. He presently lives since 20 years in France, but is in permanent connection with his family in Germany or North America.
That's why the best quality is obviously obtained in German to French translations.

Some words about automatic translation :

Even if automatic translation tools have greatly progressed these last years, we don't recommend to trust the result of such translations.

A good proof should be to translate some text from on language to another, and back again. If the translation is suitable, you should get back to the same sentence.

One example found:

"The server was cleaning the window" has been translated to "Le serveur a été le nettoyage de la fenêtre"

The reverse translation gets back to the same sentence. BUT, the French sentence has merely no meaning...

It says literally "The server has been the cleaning of the window"
Don't you recognize some translations you can find in translations of some consumer devices.

Some years ago, I found the French term "serveur" tranlated into "waiter", and in return to "garçon de café". That would be fine, if it were in a restaurant, but wished to translate a Windows server, which is a computer device.

Only a human translator can analyze the context of the translation, and find out the real meaning of the text, choosing between Computer stuff, Restaurant terms, slang or other areas.

If we have any doubt, we never hesitate to ask you for explanations about some unknown terms, or the original meaning of the text.

There relies our added value and our sense of quality.





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