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Translation   made in France

I am a freelance translator, working with "Monday Experts" network.

After 20 years in Germany, born from a German mother and a French father (German teacher in the French high school in Germany), I moved to France to study scientific disciplines in a school of engineering, and I'm now working for over 20 years in various scientific and technical domains like physics, chemistry, business data computing or domestic computing.

French and German are therefore both my mother tongue, which allows me to understand perfectly both languages, and even the finest subtleties.

My technical and scientific background are a guarantee to the best translations in these domains, even if I obviously also translate more common documents.

Besides, my computing skills allow me to accept almost any software formatted document.

Websites are also translated, as you can see here on my own created website.

If some texts present specific difficulties, the network is a great help, combined with various dictionaries, glossaries, online or as paper.

For more information, or for a quotation: Please contact us.

If you want to get more information about us, take a look at the page page "Terms and conditions". You will also find some information about our professional liability insurance.

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